Victoria Secret Stage Ready

The most common question I get is how can I loose these pounds quick…like 10-0 real quick. Well, Ladies If you wanna prep like the VS Angels here are Adriana Lima’s preshow diet and fitness rituals. Andddddd no its not easy, she preps just like us Wbff Bikini Divas so get ready to be sore as f*** and love it!

I did some creeping around and found this post here by Sia Cooper. These girls kick ass in the gym and keep momentum flowing throughout the entire prep. It takes a lot of focus but who wouldn’t be completely focused if they were stepping on step representing the worlds sexiest lingerie brand…don’t forget being seen by basically the whole world in that lingerie.

My point here…if you have something you have to be “bikini ready” for your going to be WAY more focused right? Thats why I see girls give up carbs months before a trip and the occasional “WOAH SO MANY CARBS” time to eat no carbs again.

Solution…well you could always become a VS model which I know many of my friends could…become a WBFF Diva for us short betchs that can’t fight the system yet or book a trip or a photoshoot that you will have to be “bikini ready” for.

POOF MAGIC you will now train as hard as VS ANGEL use this power and share it with the world. Think Elsa from Frozen when she sings “It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through.”  If you haven’t seen the movie your missing out.

I hope we know by now its not “genetics” and they are not just “lucky” they worked there butt off to prep for this show and your body could look that damn good too, if you truly want it bad enough.

Happy Hump Day…get that cardio in!

xoxo Lisa Savelli

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