Another reason to make you love bedtime…

Luckily I am blessed to have a bedroom in the basement with no outdoor light, but If there is no need for you to be up at the crack of dawn I highly recommend investing in one of these bad boys!! And when I say investing I’m talking max $10 unless you’re a brand whore, I’m sure you can find Chanel and other designers which I’ve seen on Pinterest…pretty sure I spent an hour trying to find The Black Chanel eye mask…prob a good thing I didn’t find it #shoppingproblems. Not only does it save you from the sunlight duh duh duhhhhh! Harvard Women’s Health Watch points out that getting your seven to eight hours of sleep will benefit your memory, weight, safety, mood, cardiovascular health and immunity! Woo I will take some of that! I personally wear one because I feel more relaxed and honestly from wearing one for so long I think it tells my mind its time to turn off, which isn’t always an easy task! Which reminds me I should probably pull my mask down now and go into dream world!

Night Night xoxo

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