My Top 5 Things To Do With Bananas


  1. Make Ice Cream

Want a quick and healthy treat? Cut frozen bananas into small pieces and blend in a food processor for 1 minute…that simple and DELICIOUS!

  1. Smoothies

Not only do you get the amazing benefits of potassium when you add bananas to your smoothies, when you add them frozen they replace ice cubes and leave your smoothie with even more flavour!

  1. PB and Banana Sandwiches

This one is my favorite pre-workout snack. Spread some all natural Peanut Butter on a piece of toast and top it with a banana! It’s a quick and easy snack that leaves you with lots of energy.

  1. Hair Mask

Do you want soft, smooth and shiny locks? Banana wins again! In a bowl add a ripe banana and 2 tbsp of Olive oil. Mix well to get rid of any chunks…unless you want some sexy banana chunks as a snack for later… let sit for an hour, shampoo rinse and admire those locks.

  1. Banana Bread

I had to save the best for last. Who doesn’t love a fresh slice of Banana Bread? Check out http://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/2015/04/15-healthy-banana-bread-recipes/ for a recipe that makes your taste buds dance.

Check out the #BTS video of our photo shoot below!


Photographer: Jakob Burkhardt @JBxCreative

BTS Video: Sam Mantini @SamMantini

Model: Lisa Savelli @lisasavelliwbffpro

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